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Name : Stinkwood

Scientific Name : Ocotea bullata

Price :

25.40mm        R 33 000.00 excl.

Distribution :

The splendid Ocotea bullata must be one of South Africa's best known and highly prized indigenous trees.    Stinkwood occurs from the Cape Peninsula to the Eastern Transvaal.    These trees occur naturally from the kloofs of Table Mountain in the Western Cape all along the southern Cape coastal region and up along the east coast as far as Limpopo.

The Tree :

The stately Ocotea bullata is one of the best choices as a shade tree for large gardens or parks.    The trees grow to a height of 30m   and a spread of 4-5m.    They are evergreen with a smooth bark in the young trees growing darker and rougher as the tree ages.   

The Ocotea bullata tree is a protected species and may not be cut,  disturbed,  damaged,  destroyed and their products may not be possessed,  collected,  removed,  transported,  exported,  donated,  purchased or sold,  except under license granted by the Departement of Water affairs and Forestry.

The Timber :

Stinkwood is one of the most highly prized timbers in the world.   The colour darkens on exposure to light,  but may be from light cream ,  through brown to almost black.   The exquisitely patterned,   finely textured and naturally lustrous timber is highly sought after for fine cabinet making,   gun stocks,  doors,  windows and wagon parts.     It has a fine texture and finishes extremely well with a high gloss.

Uses :

It works well and machines and hand turns well.     It is used for high quality furniture,  panelling,  framing and joinery.

Density :

Dry weight: 755kg/m3

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