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Name : Saligna, Blue gum

Scientific Name : Eucalyptis Grandis

Price :


Saligna Clears                                 127mm,  152mm                    x 25.40mm R 13 600.00 excl.
Saligna  70% Clear ( 30% Knots)    127mm,  152mm,  180mm   x 25.40mm R12 700.00 excl.
Saligna   Imported                           127mm;102mm;152mm        x 25.40mm R 14 500.00 excl.
Saligna Clear Imported                    Various widths                      x 38.10mm R 18 000.00 excl.
Saligna Clear Imported                    Various widths                      x 50.80mm R 18 500.00 excl.


Distribution :

Eucalyptis Grandis is indigenous to Australia but is cultivated successfully in a number of other countries including South Africa,  Brazil,  Argentina,  Uruguay,  Zambia  and Sri Lanka.

The Tree :

Saligna is an attractive,  straight-trunked tree that grows to a height of 7 meters.      It is easy to cultivate and is a fast growing tree that grows in a variety of climates and soil conditions.

The Timber :

The sapwood is pale yellow and  varies in colour from  a light pink to brown heartwood.    The grain is interlocked and the texture is coarse.    It is easy to work with but is a bit fibrous and care is needed when cross cutting.    It nails, screws and glues easily.   It is moderately durable.

Uses :

Joinery,  flooring,  decking,  boatbuilding,  panelling and scaffolding and furniture.

Density :

660kg per cubic meter.

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