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Name : Rubberwood

Scientific Name : Hevea brasiliensis

Price :

1.8m - 3.6m

25.40mm            R12 500.00 excl.

38.10mm            R13 000.00 excl.

50.80mm            R13 300.00 excl.

1.2m - 1.5m

25.40mm          R 9 600.00 excl.

38.10mm          R10 500.00 excl.

50.80mm          R10 500.00 excl.

Distribution :

Native to Brazil but extensively cultivated in tropical regions, especially Asia

The Tree :

The tree grows to a height of 23-30m in height and 0.3-1.00m in width.   Rubberwood lumber is taken from rubber plantations where the trees are tapped for latex,   and harvested at the end of their usefull life cycles.

The Timber :

The heartwood naturally a light blonde to medium tan colour with medium brown streaks.    The colour tends to darken slightly with age.   The grain is straight, somewhat course with an open texture.    The timber has a low natural lustre.    Rubberwood is easy to work with both hand and machine tools.   It tends to warp and twist in drying but is fairly stable once seasoned.   It glues, stains and finishes well.

Uses :

Furniture,  cabinetry,  interior millwork,  kitchen cutting boards,  knife blocks etc. 

Density :


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