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Name : Rhodesian Teak

Scientific Name : Baikiaea plurijuga

Price :

Various lenths x 90mm

R 700.00 excl.

Distribution :

This species is limited to the relatively dry region drained by the upper Zambesi and Okavango rivers, an area including the western parts of Zambia and Rhodesia and adjoining portions of Angola, South-West Africa and Botswana.

The Tree :

 Compared with the giants of the tropical African rain forests. It is a small tree, commonly 9-15m (30-50ft.) high with a clear bole of 3-4.5m (10-15ft) up to 0.75m (2.5ft) in diameter. It is the most important indigenous timber tree exploited commercially in Zambia and Rhodesia where it is largely used for railway sleepers, construction work and furniture. The export trade is practically limited to flooring blocks manufactured form offcuts.

The Timber :

A handsome wood of distinctive appearance. The surface of freshly manufactured timber is light-brown marked with irregular black lines or flecks. On exposure to light it soon changes to reddish-brown, and after some years the red component disappears, leaving a beautiful dark-brown colour. The texture is fine and even, giving a smooth, hard surface; the grain is straight or slightly interlocked.

Uses :

Outside the country of origin 'Rhodesia teak' is mainly used for flooring. It makes a highly decorative, hard–wearing floor, wears smoothly under all conditions all pedestrian traffic, and is very stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity. It is also widely used for furniture.

Density :

56 ib/ft3

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