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Name : Pine

Scientific Name : Pinus Elliottii, Pinus Radiata, Pinus Pinaster

Price :

Clear Pine 114mm x 25.40mm          R8 000.00 excl.

                   114mm x 38.10mm       R8 000.00 excl.

Clear Pine   152mm x 25.40mm        R8 000.00 excl.

                     152mm x 38.10mm     R8 000.00 excl.

                      228mm x 25.40mm    R8 000.00 excl.

Industrial Pine  114mm x 25.40mm    R 5 000.00 excl.

                         114mm x 38.10mm    R 6 000.00 excl.

Industrial Pine   152mm x 25.40mm   R 5 500.00 excl.

                          152mm x 38.10mm   R 6 200.00 excl.

                           152mm x 50.80mm  R 6 500.00 excl.

                           228mm x 25.40mm   R 6 000.00 excl.

                           228mm x 38.10mm   R 6 500.00 excl.

                           228mm x 50.80mm   R7 400.00 excl.

                          228mm x 75.2mm     R7 500.00 excl.

                          304mm x 25.40mm    R 6 900.00 excl.



Distribution :

The native area of this species originates in the Mediterranean Basin ie.  Northern Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.    It is naturalised in South Africa.

The Tree :

Pinus Elliottii is a large tree with grey to rusty brown bark that is shed in flat discs.   It reaches a height of 25 – 30m   and a width of 0.6 -0.8m.

The Timber :

The heartwood is orange to reddish-brown in colour and resinous.The growth rings are clearly marked by the contrast between the early wood and darker ,more dense latewood, giving a coarse texture, especially in rapid grown timber. 

The timber has a moderate resistance to cutting edges with machine and hand tools and finishes cleanly. However, the resin can be troublesome in clogging cutters and saw teeth. The timber holds nails and screws firmly and it can be glued without difficulty. Paint and other finishing treatments are fairly satisfactory.

Uses :

Heavy construction work, shipbuilding, exterior finish, flooring, decking etc.  Lower grades are used for joinery, boxes, crates and pallets.

Density :


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