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Name : Matumi Tops

Scientific Name : Braonadia Salicina

Price :

R 12 000.00-R 14 000.00 per top. excl.   Depending on size.

Distribution :

Naturally found in riverine forests and along the banks of permanent rivers and streams.   It is found in Southern Africa from Mali and Benin east to Ethiopia and south to South Africa.   

The Tree :

Matumi is a fairly fast growing evergreen tree that grows to a height of 41m.   The diameter of the trunk can reach 2.06m.    The bark is grey brown in colour and although it breaks up into irregular ridges it does not peel off.

The Timber :

The outstanding asset of this tree is its timber.   The wood is heavy,   fairly hard,   oily and pale to dark brown,    also frequently blotched.

Uses :

Matumi tops are cut in solid pieces through the diameter of the trunk to be used as unique counter or table tops.

Density :

not available

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