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Name : Massaranduba

Scientific Name : Manilkara bidentata

Price :


90mm x 20mm x Longs (2.1M)           R 770.00 excl.


Distribution :

South  and Central America from countries such as Guyana,   Mexico,  Brazil  Dominican Republic

The Tree :

Massaranduba tree is usually large,   attaining heights of 30 to 50 m with  Diameters of 60 to 120cm.

The Timber :

The grain is straight ,  sometimes slightly wavy or interlocked with a fine texture.   The wood is durable with low natural lustre.   Despite its high density,  massaranduba   generally produces good results with both hand and machine tools and is easy to work with.     It responds well to steam-bending but can pose a challenge in gluing due to high density and oil content.

Uses :

Decking,   flooring,   boatbuilding,  heavy frames,   turning and engineering works.

Density :


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