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Name : Mahogany Sapele

Scientific Name : Entandrophragma cylindricum

Price :

25.40mm     R 23 000.00 excl.

38.10mm     R 25 000.00 excl.

50.80mm     R 25 000.00 excl.

75.20mm     R 25 000.00 excl.

Distribution :

Tropical Africa

The Tree :

The tree can grow to an exceptionally tall 60 m but generally they grow to 30-45 m in height and 1 – 1.5m in width.

The Timber :

The heartwood is a medium to dark reddish brown.   The colour tends to darken with age.   Besides the common ribbon pattern seen on quartersawn boards,   Sapele is also known for wide variety of other grain patterns.    The grain is interlocked and sometimes wavy.    Fine uniform texture and a good natural lustre. Sapele can be troublesome to work in some machining operations nl. planing and routing,  relulting in tearout due to its interlocked grain.   It glues,  turns and finishes well.

Uses :

High end cabinet and furniture,  panelling,  joinery,   veneers, plywood,   doors and a wide variety of other ornamental uses

Density :

670 kg/m3

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