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Name : Kiaat

Scientific Name : Pterocarpus angolensis D.C

Price :

All Brown(10% White)                 25.50mm     R 18 500.00 excl.

                                                        38.10mm     R 19 500.00 excl.

                                                        50.80mm     R 20 500.00 excl.

Kiaat Brown and White               25.40mm     R 17 000.00 excl.

                                                        38.10mm     R 17 000.00 excl.

                                                        50.80mm     R 17 000.00 excl.







Distribution :

Pterocarpus Angolensis occurs mainly in the warm, frost-free  savannah forests throughout Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia and South Africa.   It grows in bushveld and woodland where the rainfall is above 500mm per year.

The Tree :

A small deciduous tree, up to 15m or slightly more, with dark brown,  fissured bark and  a diameter of 0.6m. The trunk is straight and usually grows to a height of approximately 7.5m.   

The Timber :

The timber resembles other species of the Pterocarpus genus (padauk from Burma, Andamans and Africa) but lacks the reddish colour of padauk, being brown with irregular reddish streaks.

It is also softer and lighter in weight about 640kg/m3 when dried. The sapwood, which is rather wide, is oatmeal in colour; the grain is straight to interlock, and the texture is medium.

This beautiful timber is easy to work with and is durable and stable.    It is resistant to borer and termites.   The heartwood makes high quality furniture,  as it is easily worked,   glues and screws well and polishes well.     

It shrinks very little when drying from green and this quality,   together with its high durability makes it particularly suitable for boat building,  canoes and bathroom floors.    


Uses :

Muninga is an attractive timber, suitable for paneling, high-class joinery and furniture. It makes a first-class floor with a moderate resistance to wear, and is a good timber for decorative veneer.

Density :


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