Chamfutti(Pod Mahogany)

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Name : Chamfutti(Pod Mahogany)

Scientific Name : Afzelia Quanzensis Welw

Price :

25.40 mm     OUT OF STOCK

38.10 mm     OUT OF STOCK

50.80 mm     OUT OF STOCK

Distribution :

Other names

Pod Mahogany; Red Mahogany, Rhodesian mahogany, Chamfuta, Mussacossa, Chanfuta, Matende, Mecombe, Moco, Mugengema, Muoco, Chemnen, Mupapa

Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe

The Tree :


Dries satisfactorily but very slowly. Degrade not likely to be severe, but slight distortion, extension of existing shakes and fine checking may occur.


Very durable.

Working qualities

Moderately hard to saw due to blunting effect. Pre-boring is necessary when nailing to avoid splitting. It has a good gluing quality and moderate bending ability. It is difficult to stain where pores contain yellow deposits, but it polishes satisfactorily.

The Timber :

The heartwood is reddish-brown in colour and the sapwood is yellow. The texture is coarse and even and it has an interlocked grain.

Uses :

Joinery-counter top, fittings in banks and buildings, door frames, window frames, sills, flooring-heavy duty, stairs, furniture, turnery.

Density :


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