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Name : Cedar

Scientific Name : Cedrus - Cedar of Lebanon, Atlantic or Atlas cedar, Himalayan deodar

Price :

25.40mm     R 9 000.00 excl.

Distribution :

Algeria, Morocco

The Tree :

Cedars grow to an enormous size of 30m in height and 2,5m in diameter at the butt, with spreading branches.

The Timber :

The heartwood is strongly scented when freshly cut, and somewhat resinous. It is light-brown, with a pleasing appearance due to the irregular pattern of the annual rings.

Technical properties

The outstanding technical characteristic of cedar wood is its unusually high resistance to decay and insect attack. It is not particularly strong and is inclined to be brittle. As the trees are almost invariably grown in the open, with heavy branches, a fairly large proportion of the converted timber is coarse and knotty, with irregular grain. Clear material works easily by hand and machine tools, and takes a good finish.

Uses :

The cedar timber is eminently suitable for outdoor use in the form of garden furniture, gates and fences and other purposes where resistance to decay is the main requirement. Good-quality material I used for clothes chests and cupboards, on account of the pleasant smell, and for interior joinery and decorative veneer.

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